Zhejiang 10 P2P net loan platform was the police investigation fictional loan projects

recently, the Zhejiang province Quzhou PO INVESTMENT LIMITED net loan platform operation more than 3 years of Zhejiang police investigation was again pushed into the net loan P2P in the teeth of the storm.

P2P net loan, is considered to be an innovative model of Internet banking, referring to individuals and individuals through third party network platform mutual borrowing. The police said the latest news, Zhejiang has 10 platforms for alleged illegal fund-raising crime investigation by public security organs using P2P net loan platform, Po investment is just one of them.

since last year, the balance of treasure around the net loan, P2P Internet Financial controversy on the 10 P2P can be heard without end, net loan platform into the Zhejiang, further led people to consider the Internet financial.

fictional most of the loan project

April 16th, Zhejiang Quzhou police informed the media, legal representative of the Investment Company Bao Zhou Hui alleged crime of illegal deposits from the public by the Quzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest. Allegedly, this is the largest case of the use of P2P network platform in Zhejiang province cracked the case.

Quzhou police informed that Zhou Hui, born in February 1982, is the Zhejiang province Quzhou City Kecheng district. In December 13, 2013, the relevant departments to Quzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau transferred clues, Zhejiang province reported Quzhou Po investment limited legal representative Zhou Hui has implemented financial management order destruction of criminal suspects. After receiving the report, Quzhou City Public Security Bureau immediately launched an investigation, found that Zhou Hui personal bank account transactions abnormalities, frequently receive a lot of money across the country, involving personnel, region wide.

police investigation found that Zhou Hui used the PO INVESTMENT web site not specific to the social public funds, in accordance with the illegal fund-raising crime, therefore, the Quzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau on January 2, 2014, Zhou Hui on suspicion of illegal deposits from the public crime investigation. March 13th, according to the criminal suspect Zhou Hui criminal detention coercive measures. In April 14th, Zhou Hui was arrested on suspicion of the crime of illegally absorbing public deposits.

Quzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau relevant responsible person said, after a preliminary investigation, since February 2011, PO INVESTMENT COMPANY suspects Zhou Hui and based on the Internet of the PO INVESTMENT web site use, by renting servers, borrowing the name of a P2P network to carry out, with high interest rates to attract borrowers and release contain false false borrowing etc. foreign loan information, to the public throughout the country to absorb a lot of money.


technique is to attract the first investors registered in the PO INVESTMENT web site, registered prepaid accounts through online banking online recharge or remittance, all of these funds into the recharge Zhou Hui personal bank account. Then, Zhou Hui under the guise of the name of others, fictitious lenders and the use of the loans, loan agreements frequently published on the website, to attract investors to invest in the loan agreement with their own funds in the account. After the maturity of the loan agreement, the company will transfer the principal and interest to the bank

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