The upcoming network butterfly effect

      from Google to $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick Microsoft announced to $60 million price competition to buy online advertising company aQuantive, from Yahoo to $6.8 billion immediately successful completion of U.S. Internet advertising company Right Media WPP acquisition of the remaining shares to the price of $649 million acquisition of 24/7 Real Media Inc. Global network acquisitions intensified, such acquisitions have become a wave and slowly hit us.

      now that the butterfly effect did not estimate the number of people will not understand the impact of acquisitions, so many now like the butterfly effect is very fast and open, and these are some "big butterfly". Although we are located in the east of the world is far from the acquisition of those, but the network is not something, regardless of where you are in the network can not escape the virtual world to control you. When so many giants will be placed in the eyes of online advertising, online advertising market changes will occur.

      today’s domestic has gathered a large number of experienced online advertisers, search engine advertising Baidu, master text advertising technology such as VOGATE and so on. They have already established a foothold in the domestic advertising market, and began a fierce online advertising war, but this is not always the dominant Google has with actions that the desire from the bottom up network advertisement re determination.

      although this is some international acquisitions, but it is obvious for the domestic advertising market, when the real bowl after the completion of the integration, the butterfly effect will quickly spread to us, the Internet advertising market more brutal war will soon come.

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