To be a good copywriter must forge a trilogy


life is like a journey, if you choose to copy as an occupation, chose to travel in the target, this journey is unknown, the middle of the process there must be some difficulties and setbacks, but I believe that as long as you strengthen our faith, continue to move forward, there will be gains. Before the journey, and prepare accordingly, understand the local customs and practices to can get along the way, beautiful scenery, a copywriter is the same, a clear understanding of the relevant rules of advertisement, who is supposed to do, those who do not need the experience of copy forged trilogy, so you can as soon as possible in the end the ideal place, your career achievements.

The first step: to find the location of

you are just a copy? Only a copy? No, you can do much more than this, do not improperly belittle oneself, your potential is enormous, but you must be good at developing. Sometimes you can be a thinker, or look at the social observer, you can lie to the initiator, in short, as far as possible to become proficient in weapon spectrum of Bai Xiaosheng, when this pen will be very calm, just let my thoughts fly in the instant inspiration tightly grab it, you can harvest magic.

has now entered the era of the network, the amount of information in the sight of the people of the great day is huge, and even can be said that this is the era of a seckill, in 5 seconds how to seize the attention of consumers is the key to success, so write a sentence is enough to allow consumers to stay for a moment or a attractive Title The topic is a very difficult thing.

wants to impress people, now engage in gimmicks, the hype is not feasible, therefore, suggest that you start from your own heart, the consumer’s point of view to think about the problem, forget oneself is a copy of identity, out of a unique way to describe from the unique scenery no, cause others concern.

to do this, you need to learn to listen, listen to the gossip in the taxi driver stock fluctuation, the city’s consumer price index in the bargain to vendors. Once you can hear these way, can let your pen hard up.

second step: what should be done before starting

whether it’s because of my own interest or in short, today you are a strange combination of circumstances, to copy the identity of the work, for the more wonderfull life in the struggle, therefore, you have to put the "copy" the two words in my name card, in order to achieve your life these two words can be better. Value, you need to put it into action, black and white and sometimes excitement??? Sometimes depressed? These are the price you have to pay.


is now replacing the pen computer era, but as a copywriter, I still suggest you ready for a pen and a piece of paper, the two most simple tool will give you a shock, is likely to change your destiny and people "