Finally found Google included my Flash file

has long heard that GG can be included in the Flash file, spiders can crawl to the.SWF format, and finally found today, but also on their own web site.

( at noon today, suddenly found a line of [FLASH] SKIP INTRO > SKIP INTRO > REPLAY > REPLAY; Xi’an Jiaju & Jiashi… File format: Shockwave Flash, and then look down, even the jjjsw.swf Flash file link address, it should put the Flash file button in the text can also be provided >, INTRO, SKIP; > REPLAY "the feeling is really too strong and dangerous". The following figure:


and < meta last night changed;… Xi’an furniture furnishings……,…, Copyright… (C) real network, site description, today also included, and compared to the old Baidu or a title, or feel GG one step ahead! "Google GG also let the spider automatically fill in a form to submit to grab more" "although do not feel safe, but still very strong.

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