Edong transfer fee of 1000 yuan and the behavior of the new network interconnection

webmaster who! I can not speak, will not have the right to speak?! The indictment Edong shameless behavior.

I sell a website today through bbs.admin5.com. Xxxx.net  (I don’t dare to write my domain name, such a shameless little agent may put my domain permanent possession) domain name registered in edong. Registration time, very relaxed, very easy, very happy.

but I sold today, even the web site, with data, sold together, a year of hard work, selling little money, not enough money to pay,

sold it. But the transfer of trouble.

I call to different time

Edong, asked 2 of them, 1 woman, 1 men said, the second call in the past, the man said, the regulations of the company, out of domain name, the company requires a domain name renewals, transfer request received 1000 yuan transfer fees, more expensive.

oh. Registered cost of dozens of pieces, transfer charge 1000, this is how the transfer ah.!!!

domain name does not transfer, it means that I do not succeed in this transaction, which means that I will always be my domain name. Forever in Edong, can not sell.

I take a step back, because many companies can transfer freely. I go to China channel, I turn to ename I go to enom, can.

But the transfer of the domain name

need 5-10 days, but also in the transfer of Edong a year, I ask, what is in my Edong year renewal?!!!

renewal year, mean renewal after 60 days and can not be transferred!!


is then discharged from the dns.com.cn also need to renew a year.

the world. Is there anyone who can manage these greedy agents?  ! I’m speechless, I’m helpless.

I only hope that the future of the webmaster, do not register in small business agent. Register domain name directly under top registrar.

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