n the history of the most stringent third party payment draft released after they have responded

in July 31st, when most people are immersed in the joy of success in deep Beijing again, the central bank issued the "opinions on to the public for non bank payment institutions online payment service management approach" announcement. Sure enough, the new government took office three fire. The central bank is the first fire to the third party network payment " rule " introduced the so-called " the history of the most stringent management of the third party payment approach ". Suddenly, there is a public outcry, impassioned, " " what is a few happy tears?

1, bank: central mother do you really are my mother! The third party payment that wild girl too arrogant, it is time to give her some color to see see, let her know who is who the family ~



draft thirteenth provisions: " Payment institutions shall not handle for customers or disguised cash withdrawals, credit, financing, financing, guarantees, currency exchange business. " this and the previous "on promoting the healthy development of the Internet financial guidance" coincide, respected " Internet financial institutions are looking for banking financial institutions as fund depository institutions ". P2P funds hosting business, do not look for the third party to pay, and go back to the bank to find it.

central mother also third party payment industry management has been re defined and limited. Such as " except a single amount less than 200 yuan micro payment, and the payment of taxes and other utilities, the payee is fixed and the periodic payment services, Payment institutions shall replace the bank for customer identification and transaction verification. " bank verification means that more than 200 yuan to pay may also jump to the bank’s APP, or the need for banks to send a text message verification again, in order to pay for success. One night before liberation!

2, users: are good for the bank, no wonder the name is "non bank management approach". Can not be happy to use Alipay and WeChat? My mom can’t I spend much money, but the central mother tube! There are more than 5, what 3 ways to carry out cross validation status, what are



draft twenty-eighth basic meaning for the maximum payment of third party payment account is only $5000, causing widespread controversy. If according to the provisions of Alipay, the highest single day consumption of only 5000 yuan, only one password authentication method for WeChat is only 1000 yuan. (in the future, buy a kidney six had to pay the rhythm?)

in this regard, the central bank emergency rumor said that the draft limit is only 5000 yuan for the balance of payments network payment, the consumption of more than $5000, users can choose online banking payment. Mother eggs, but also the bank, bank, bank, please make up their own online banking pay +

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