The same way domain name conjecture who will be the next to buy rice network

The tourism industry

Internet hot, all kinds of tourism website vertical e-commerce model, has become the current development trend of Miami, domestic tourism website gradually move closer to the B2C electronic commerce website, the tourism industry competition is fierce, the same way network acquisition a Larry domain thing in the industry is the raise a Babel of criticism of the inward, make eye to the tourism sector the website domain name, website domain name application of domestic tourism is very much, such as the Zhangjiajie tourism network, net of wheat beans travel, and, who are not Pinyin meters of tourist site who will go on the road to acquire domain name


with the way online shopping domain name


8 this month, 51book founder Chen Peng said on micro-blog heavily bought double spell domain name, immediately caused the crowd, the same way network CTO Ma peace also micro Bo said, no matter how much money was spent to repurchase domain, and expressed willingness to co invest with Chen Peng, from the interaction between the two sides can see micro-blog, these are Chen Peng declined, the same way network most local characteristics Larry domain acquired by others? However, but in a few days time, once again came news, the same way network bought domain name, this is after Ctrip online shopping Pinyin, a travel bought double spell domain name case.

Ctrip first to eat crab


in September 7th, the news, Ctrip bought "Ctrip" Larry domain, domain name information changes to the Ctrip net, and use the domain name to jump to the,, Ctrip confirmed that buy Larry domain, Ctrip business for many years, a straight to domain name as the flagship brand, and its domain name has been living on the outside, and now, the successful acquisition of the domain name, the domain name for Ctrip Ctrip tourism industry attention, become the first to buy their domain name to protect the brand website, became the first "eat crab" person.

who will be the next person to eat crabs?


elong is a very famous tourism company in China, the industry’s number, the company website domain name system creative domain name, and the authentic Pinyin domain name is now under the name of thriving tourism, Larry domain jump to the Showtime network hotel reservation page, this flow > so elong many users

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