The development of small local life portal website

Before the

‘s article "on the small website development", the author suggested that the owners give up the portal site, because portals do very hard, pay and the effect is not obvious, but not to say that the portal will not become bigger and stronger, and small website now many webmaster are in do local life portal, let people give up the site for a long time is not realistic.

author only with their own views on the development of local life portal to give some advice.

one: to strengthen interaction and communication between users, it is best to organize activities such as meeting users

Here is an example of

, a website in Anhui was established in 2003, according to the truth that in 03 years to get started today ought to be very strong, but the fact is that the site in about 08 years to achieve profitability. Now the website member activity is high, of course, is not because in recent years, organized several friends will meet and eat and drink like clusters of activities, but it is a role that can not be ignored on the website of the prosperity of these activities.

user activity seems to be a very difficult thing, but as long as the right way, in fact, not necessarily how hard it is, first of all, a column on their web site, put ads to attract eyeballs on the home page, and then to the local forum to post, keep the top post to the top, so two or three days later, there will be people sign up, even if insufficient enrollment organization can also not be an advertisement.


activities of the organization funds is certainly a member of the webmaster in this one is just a bridge, the friends together to play, the whole of the photo shoot some more, on their own website, and then put the picture with E-mail address to participate in the activities of the users, the effect is absolutely than you find to write text, is to send the chain.

two: local portal should be based on local.

since it is a local portal, to be based on the local, the introduction of life, consumption and other aspects of information. The local portal access to information is relatively simple, usually what hearsay, Zhang parents of Li Jiaduan can be up on the site, and then use their own point of view comment, a word or two can. Be sure to have your own point of view. Do not let users like to watch the news network, so that they feel that this site has its own ideas, have their own judgment.

three: deep mining for something users are interested in, don’t let these attractive things quickly by netizens are forgotten, tracking the progress of the event and then sent to the site by E-mail members, let them with the whole incident, if an event, membership who understand the whole story, then your website will be they remember.

four: never think that you can make money from the Internet users, talking about money is a very emotional thing, especially with you

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