Analysis of pet website planning good video marketing

often in potatoes, Youku and other video portal to see some of the fire is very short video, and even a professional team to produce a micro film, often appear in the video marketing advertising shadow. In the movie, TV drama implanted advertising is a normal thing, and in the short video to add the ingredients of marketing, which is the video marketing. Video is more vivid and more vivid than text and pictures, funny video, moving video, can get a lot of hits in a short time. To plan a video marketing, can be summarized into three steps, the first is the production of the video, and then choose the right video site or platform, and finally a continuous video marketing or marketing. Through the promotion of video marketing products or websites, the following pet website, for example, analysis of how to do a good job of video marketing.


first: video production needs to pay attention to what details

video recording pet activities is very simple, but the video is very rough recording, the picture is not clear enough, so that the video can not see. So in the planning of video marketing, you must have a professional production of video or team, so as to ensure the quality of the video. Followed by the video content planning, since it is a pet video, the focus is definitely a cat or dog and other pets, you can make a moving story, reflecting the harmony between humans and pets. Or to show some adorable pet lens, so that the video will attract many users like pets, there is a kind of funny pet video show is very attractive to the eye of the user, you can also learn from other people’s video works. Finally, the problem is the placement of advertising, advertising in the video can not be too obvious, it is best to be very natural placement of advertising.

second: released to the appropriate video site or platform

After the

video production is good, the next step is to choose the right platform for release, such as: Tudou, Youku, music, etc.. Due to the promotion of the pet website, so the best pet class platform or forum, like dog people nets, dog nets, these pets Forum on the accumulation of a large number of users favorite pet. If your video production is more attractive, the release of the forum is the most easy to fire, because most users on the forum belong to the same class. Of course, also need some promotion skills, such as posted on the forums about pet pet video, then hire many network navy to help the top post, the purpose is to let the post fire up quickly. If we can be top moderator, the effect is better.

third: how to make potential users continue to focus on video

When planning

video marketing, a video may fire very quickly, but also can quickly disappear. So want to do video promotion, can consider this idea, that is making a series of series of micro film or video. A simple example: a pet net needs to focus on the promotion of the husky dog, can launch a series of husky video presentation, or video stories. This kind of video or series of articles, the largest.

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