f was a product manager how would design modify the App

this is my entry into the company a month internship summary of the product

The following is the

document demand me by a new product perspective, the first written document, learning and writing, and the director gave me only a week, so busy, some details are omitted, please forgive me ~


Premise Analysis

a user overview

(what person? What scene? What’s the problem?)


two, user scenarios

2.1, macro user scenarios


2.2, micro user scenarios

(typical example)


three, use case description




four, the need for screening

according to the enterprise strategic positioning, business objectives, business value; product positioning, user value, user characteristics, user scenarios and so on, combined with the traditional custom suits of the user pain points, screening needs on the basis of the following:


five, confirm requirements


user needs: buy custom suits (more convenient, faster, more efficient, more relaxed, more cost-effective)

product demand: Online independent design tools, online purchase orders directly under the function of a key online appointment volume, the scene of the contents of the selected recommended

how to modify

revision of the "magic factory" "featured" function interface


problem analysis

1, "magic factory" original "featured" function, is the essence of the traditional classification of goods, for example: suits, trousers, shirts, vests, coats, let users browse the classification of goods recommendation, improve the user in the selection process of decision-making cost.

2, the traditional shopping experience is not consistent with the user positioning products, does not meet the user characteristics, because they have no time, no energy, do not want too much to choose, they hope to optimize the efficiency, reduce the time cost and opportunity cost.

3, and "magic factory" artifact

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