nventory of the top ten Chinese flowers express website to see the development of the industry

China flower industry for more than ten years of development history, flowers delivery website has reached 10000, and relying on the market of fresh cut flower consumption more than 10 billion a year, but why do scanty website scale, why the industry has not yet appeared a similar 1800flowers.com as the size of the leading enterprises listed or perhaps? Analysis of the characteristics and development of the first ten China flower delivery site, so that we can find some clues.

1, China flowers gift nets

was founded in 2005 by Shenzhen Yi Yi Information Technology Co., Ltd., in recent years, the rapid growth of business, its website claims four consecutive years of growth of over 100%, ranking first in China’s flower delivery industry. The website won the APEC Chinese e e-commerce value list seed award, is Chinese safe only designated service providers to redeem gifts of flowers. Launched the "orders real show" column, in order delivery before the actual production of the bouquet pictures are displayed in the column, to show the local stores floral level.


order will show more creative, so that customers will probably send vivid perception is what effect. Full range of qualifications, with the "customer experience" column display order evaluation, to create a practical and reliable atmosphere for customers, which should be of great help to their sales. Recently, the site announced the switch to a new domain name hua.com". A business for more than 7 years to replace the domain name, can be described as a very big challenge action, which is the risk, or opportunity?.

2, Salala flowers

is one of the earliest "fame" flower delivery website, founded in 2000, was transferred to Beijing after the acquisition of 800buy, Hong Ming era network technology Co. ltd.. After the transfer, the founder of Guo Feng and the original core team to leave, the site showed a downward trend in business. September 2011 infighting event, a few weeks after the resumption of business website shut down.


The original

industry benchmark, after the acquisition, after the change, the retail business has been peer catch up, its main business has been focused on corporate clients and related business gifts. No matter how good the brand was not so frustrating, after the transfer Salala also has many competitive? May also return to the previous position?

3, colorful flowers nets

operated by Qingdao Information Technology Development Co. Ltd. management firebird. The site in Baidu ads, China website ranked highest flowers. Order quantity and order processing ability is strong, commitment "the fastest one hour service" and "after delivery payment".

comments: the first delivery payment is indeed eye-catching, but there are some disputes. Flowers are special commodities, customized on-demand, preservation period is short, if the distribution of the past can not contact the receipt of flowers, the loss of the business is not only profit, but also need to

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