In 2018, I want three things for our tourism

first_imgIn 2018, I wish you a lot of success and laughter, as well as that our tourism focuses on strategic and sustainable development.New year, new challenges, and the biggest challenge is to stay what we are, not to give in to the classic tourism industry.Our greatest value is our diversity and authenticity. All the trends in tourism say the same thing, and that is authenticity. Honestly, authenticity has always been and always will be the main trend in tourism because the very essence of tourism is precisely – an authentic experience.The motive of the trip is to get to know a new culture and way of life. So, it is logical and natural to be what we are and to “sell” our way and culture of living, not to be copies. Tourists from Vienna certainly do not want to eat Viennese steak, but want to try and experience something new. We still figuratively sell French wine to the French, instead of ours. Otherwise why would people travel? If we are all a copy of Tuscany, then why would people travel? If someone wants to experience Tuscany, then they will go to the real Tuscany and not visit some copy or replica. The original has always had and will always have its value and motive for coming, while the copy certainly does not.Croatian tourism needs a reset and a totally new tourist paradigm! While we count and brag about arrivals and overnight stays, no one counts tourist spending as well as the dispersion of the same to the local economy. How many Croatian products are included in our tourism, and the dream of the combination of Blue and Green of Croatia is still just a dream, not a goal, let alone a reality. We need to sell content, not form. We need to look at quality, not quantity. We need to stimulate the local economy, not the foreign one. We need to keep our way and culture of living, not turn into a copy of the Spanish coast and open big resorts. We don’t need Filipinos as a workforce, but a local man. We finally need to talk no more about potentials, but turn them into resources.The focus must be on authenticity, not mass tourism. The focus must be on the story and the experience, not living off “rental” tourism through the sun and the sea. The focus must be on 1.000 small family hotels, not on large foreign hotel resorts. The focus must be on man and the local economy, not on encouraging imports. The focus must be on home-grown tomatoes and eggs. The focus must be on the local and the authentic. Feel free to continue the series…On the other hand, we need more profession in our tourism, as well as business in line with the 21st century. As we have been “discussing” change for years, competition in five years has brought dozens of new regulations and laws to make business easier, faster, and better. Everyone knows everything, but the profession is not listened to and we make key decisions too slowly. Today, if we stagnate, we are actually falling, because the competition is not sleeping, on the contrary, it is struggling to be faster and better than us every day, and we are only making its job easier.Tourism is emotions, experiences and stories.Start by yourself, what are your memories from your last trip? Remember experiences, not material things, right? What will distract you and delight you, something you see and experience for the first time or something you can see every day?But first and foremost, it’s all up to us and we determine the direction of our tourism. And what we are chronically missing is to start respecting ourselves i.e. our culture, history, identity and culture of living. Again, paradoxically, this is exactly what tourists want to experience, experience, taste and hear, and we seem to be ashamed of ourselves. We must be what we are – Dalmatians, Slavonians, Istrians, Zagorje, Međimurje… Croats.It must be our main tourist product.And the last one, precisely through our incredible diversity and authenticity we have something to be proud of and show off, our authentic stories. Stories that we just have to pack nicely and tell. Tourism consists of emotions, experiences and stories.We tell stories, our authentic stories.last_img

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