The science and technology CSCL hand Ali teamed layout of cross border electricity supplier

July 11th afternoon, the sea technology announced that the company and CSCL, Alibaba (scroll information) signed a cooperation agreement to build e-commerce integrated logistics information service platform leading.

under the influence of the above news, after the opening in July 11th afternoon, the two companies strong limit.

sea Department hand Ali

in July 11th and July 12th, the science and technology, were released CSCL signed a cooperation agreement with the announcement of the Alibaba. Which CSCL’s announcement shows that in July 11th the company and the Alibaba, China Science and technology signed a cooperation agreement, focused on building the world’s leading e-commerce integrated logistics information service platform.

is the specific content of cooperation, the partners jointly invest in the construction of international shipping service platform, project cooperation, online and customers Ali sea side can use the platform inquiries logistics freight, logistics done online orders, online consultation, online billing, in line tracking cargo status and other services.

the "daily economic news" reporter noted that the Alibaba responsible for the logistics needs of customers in, and other site drainage into professional online operations and product teams; CSCL is responsible for providing quality accommodation to ensure routes to ensure global routes covering; investment and docking line, the line customer service, operational resources; China responsible for science and technology to build international shipping service platform of logistics service providers of information integration and the required internal logistics operations in the sea of information system.

on the other hand, this transaction is the framework of the cooperation agreement, has not agreed to the transaction content, mode, price. But in the July 12th announcement, CNOOC said the amount of the transaction and CSCL occur not expected to exceed 30 million yuan. Because CSCL and the science and technology of the same subject Chinese shipping (Group) Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the China Shipping Group) related parties under the control of the parties to this transaction constitutes a connected transaction.

with ALI force e-commerce

CSCL, sea technology have said that this cooperation is the background of transformation and development in the China shipping logistics, using the Internet to traditional maritime logistics and e-commerce integration depth to explore and try again, in line with the company’s strategic development goals.

brokerage industry believes that through the above cooperation, the Department of the sea will be made with the help of Ali e-commerce.

the "daily economic news" reporter noted that bilateral cooperation will be mainly in CSCL and Alibaba B2B, B2C logistics demand, Alibaba can make use of CSCL improve its logistics network in the maritime link, and CSCL with Alibaba to maintain the original expand difficult customers of small and medium-sized enterprises, while developing their own e-commerce, shipping business.

on the other hand, CSCL take to improve the shipping service.

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