Dangdang counter attack sell will rely on the user to make money back to 16

[introduction] with dangdang.com gross profit rate continued to rise, while operating costs continue to decline, optimistic, expected to achieve profitability in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Li Chengdong / text

A month before the

in April 22nd to write a micro-blog: to continuously write a few articles, why dangdang.com is underestimated! Faster then the first half of the year, up to one year time, dangdang.com Li Guoqing (micro-blog) will demonstrate the value of Dangdang


Dangdang shares a month ago 3.79 U.S. dollars, today’s closing price of $5.30, has risen by 40%. Investors seem to be changing their views on dangdang. Dangdang just released earnings today, on the full description of my views on the value of dangdang.

in 2012 a loss of 3 dangdang.com billion, from the highest price of $25 to $3.5, is really too horrible to look at. Why dangdang.com are not optimistic? Because in the fierce market competition situation, investors can not see dangdang.com improve gross profit margins may, with rising labor costs, but also not decrease the cost of implementation, so dangdang.com becomes a sustainable business loss. Is that true,

?What is the most valuable



about 30000000 active users.

with the most simple way to Dangdang valuation. What is the replacement cost for a Dangdang now?

is a common electricity supplier to obtain a user purchase cost in 150-200 yuan a year, for example, Suning achieved revenues of nearly 18 billion, the total marketing costs spent billions, while active users are estimated to be 8 million. So even if the cost of obtaining a new user by 150 yuan, to attract users to spend 4 billion 500 million yuan to spend $30 million, and now the market value of less than 3 billion yuan dangdang.

in traditional retail, the most important asset is the store, because the location of the store determines the quality of passenger flow and passenger. In all large electronic business platform, the quality of the book Dangdang Dangdang users is one of the highest. Dangdang single quarter of more than 30 million active users, far more than vip.com’s $7 million 500 thousand. Just say Dangdang did not give full play to the value of these users, because you only sell books, it is difficult to make money.

is the most simple analogy is Li Guoqing sitting on the "Wangfujing" lots of shops resources, has been doing the business of selling books, regardless of how the book will sell well, don’t make a lot of money, can only say that the waste of high-quality user resources. Jingdong has nearly 40 million active users, not only sell 3C appliances, Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) also know open platform to do so in the luxury department stores sell clothing, open platform in 2012 turnover of nearly 15 billion Jingdong.

Dangdang how profitable?

so we see the trend of the transformation of Dangdang, a department store, before selling books, >

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