Baidu thank you for being so surprised and sad

many webmaster reflect said: "Baidu not included new sites, or included particularly slow! I also found this problem, which also have a doubt, is Baidu not included new sites? I in heaven. Baidu, China’s Internet big brother! · we grassroots webmaster who look at you!

I have done the experiment, take the domain name test, every morning is the first to open the computer to see if there is no Baidu, to see if there is a collection of my content. Wait for a long time there is a full 40 days, I do not remember is the number of, Baidu was included in this domain name. Site to the future I really appreciate Baidu finally included my new domain name. Although it is a bit slow, but still included! But to date, the frequency of Baidu update is really let me see hope, depressed…

so I registered a new domain name to carry out the plan I do not know, is the theme of why or what, Baidu spent 14 days included my domain name, also is in January 4th. I found that Baidu included my one-time 355 content, view the traffic statistics, there are some key words in Baidu home page, after seeing the situation I again saw from the hope, but Baidu has given me a surprise in less than 2 days to completely disappear, this is what I want to ask you to Baidu. The morning of 355! On the left of the page. This is like a bolt from the blue, I thank Baidu included my site, but this change radically resting on the webmaster, that it is difficult to accept


I also analyzed the optimization of all pages of the domain name, there is absolutely no cheating, because my former site is Links and content links have been punished Baidu site, every day I lead more than 1 thousand IP sites ( only one page, traffic on the remaining 10! So I do new sites, will pay special attention to stay away from cheating! ( I have not put this site a Links. And the contents of the page in a text link does not exist, Google and Yahoo and also included are normal!

Baidu, I thank you! It’s a surprise and a sad thing! I heard that Baidu is going to have an algorithm. I hope that this phenomenon has changed!

support Baidu!

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