Japan’s wonderful site bento jp let eat into hunger marketing

lead: bento.jp only provide a lunch every day, but every day will replace the dishes. Users do not have to make any choice every day, as long as the download of a APP, every day before 11:30 order can be.


takeaway restaurants in China has been a lot, and some have done a lot, a lot of money, such as hungry, and so on the site.

in the domestic food takeaway website is generally divided into 3 categories:

first category: Catering and distribution are provided by the cooperation of the restaurant, the site is only a platform.

second categories: Food and beverage by the cooperation of the restaurant is responsible for the distribution of the site is responsible for.

third categories: Food and distribution by the site itself.

no matter what kind of food takeaway site, in the country now has a lot of competitors, but also a lot of money into a lot of money, but also very good to do three.

that there is no chance of such a fierce competition in the restaurant takeaway site, a slice of it? We look at today’s Qin Gang to share the case, there may be an answer.

no choice is the best choice

do not know if you have seen Sean Lau and Cecilia Cheung starred in the movie "Shopaholic", Sean Lau is the city of medical shopping crazy psychiatrist, but it is suffering from a phobia.

there is a scene in the movie makes me the most empathy is Sean Lau only to a particular restaurant, just point a package, if the package is sold out, he did not know what to eat their own points, the final state only slowly into the pathogenesis.

in fact, every time we go out to eat is a similar situation, see the menu so many choices, no way to start, so we like to call someone else’s order, it is generally said to eat anything.

provides only a convenience

bento.jp is a takeaway restaurant in Japan, they just on the line soon, the biggest feature of this site is: bento.jp offers only a lunch every day, but every day to replace the dishes. So that users do not have to make any choice every day, as long as the download of a APP, every day before 11:30 order can be.

bento.jp is now available in Tokyo, Japan, the price is about 50 yuan, a convenience and distribution are completed by the site. This site has come out of the Japanese media reports, but also attracted a lot of users. Many users every day to see what bento.jp offers today, then orders, and then share to social media.

bento.jp this takeaway restaurant is a very good interpretation of the Less is more (less is more) concept, allowing users to choose less, no trouble >

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