Share platform to complete the 65 million C and D round of financing

Phoenix Science and technology news on November 2nd, the domestic share platform to share the pig announced that it has completed C+ and D round of financing, totaling $65 million. Including the C+ round of financing capital today at the end of last year, and recently by the pleasure of capital and BAI (Bertelsmann Asia Investment Fund) lead investor, Morningside capital, capital today and jade capital with the cast of D round of financing.


pig to complete a new round of financing

at present, the pig in the country’s 301 cities with more than 100 thousand houses, nearly ten million active users, is expected in 2016 platform business volume will grow by up to 500%. Pig CEO Chen Chi said, "in 2016, the rapid growth of pigs, forming ecological platform, D round of financing, marking the pigs entered a new stage of development. As the best platform for sharing the experience of domestic accommodation, we will continue to expand this advantage, the experience to achieve the ultimate, the establishment of a large ecosystem in the field of accommodation, a profound change in the way people travel accommodation." The future will increase investment in the brand building, product innovation and service chain, etc..

currently has the pig, the service chain of a comprehensive upgrade, issued a "free admission" plan, also launched the "butler service" project in the industry, build the sharing economy service standards, the follow-up will continue to pig innovation of products and services to enhance the user experience.

January 6, 2013, pig short rent get millions of dollars Morningside ventures A round of financing, in June 2014, completed B $15 million round of financing, led by the monarch associated capital investment, Morningside capital with the cast. In July last year, completed a $60 million C round of financing, by the pleasure of capital lead investor, Morningside capital, CITIC Capital, and investment capital with jade.

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