Enhance the success rate of network marketing SMEs should avoid five mistakes

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IDC released the "small and medium-sized enterprise informationization fast road" white paper shows that China has 57.7% of the surveyed enterprises have implemented information, while in the implementation of information technology in small and medium sized enterprises have 47.3% companies also said it will consider the enterprise informatization construction. Along with the Internet fast, small and medium-sized enterprise informatization is speed, network marketing is a enterprise, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to realize their own operating change and create a better opportunity for development of the platform, so much attention and favorable to.

is currently in the rapid development of the Internet marketing at the same time, because of misunderstanding and limitations, understanding and practical operation errors, network marketing brings to the enterprise achievement is grad, some enterprises booming investment received a windfall profits, while some companies have spent a lot of money, and ultimately failed to achieve "drop in sales".

misunderstanding: think enterprise website is universal

some small and medium-sized enterprises always believe that with a beautiful site, there is an automatic message reply system, we must be able to ‘net’ to the money". Enterprise website marketing is a systematic project, which involves the network technology, skills, but also relates to the business concept, brand and service, the key is the ability to do network marketing sales customer service service, let users satisfied.

strategy: to do business website positioning, must be timely follow up and improve the network of services and tracking and related measures, solid job service network; set up a communication enterprise website marketing plan, to meet customer needs, improve the hit rate and visibility.

error: think of the two email can get in by every opening

many companies believe that E-mail marketing can be a large number of enterprise information dissemination, access to a large number of customers, but E-mail marketing is just a means of dissemination of information, can only be used as an auxiliary measure. The content of the mail theme is not obvious, the lack of attractive, personalized, so that customers feel a sense of distance, the effect of e-mail marketing is not obvious.

strategy: by business e-mails to network marketing, enterprises must know the inspection and test reliability, email address database purchase effectiveness, ensure the targeted, the most important is to enhance the attractiveness of the mail, such as e-mail to carry out promotional activities, such as the United States has a network of tourist sites such as tourist City? Travelocity regularly to the customer to send promotional information in e-mail, browsing opportunity is very lucky to get cheap airline tickets.

error three: that the first search is the reality of the first

PPC is the customer in advance agreement price, to search business (GOOGLE, Baidu) to buy a keyword, when users enter the keyword search, search the chamber of Commerce to customer sites or products listed in the search results, the specific position will depend on the customer price and the same keywords the customer, the higher the bid ranking on the former, the advertisement benefit is more obvious". So companies are often willing to mention

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