How to plan and promote Hainan sland international tourism network

with the development of bandwidth technology, people’s mobile phone function is more and more powerful, more popular video sites. In just a few years, podcasts have sprung up. I once heard CEO Koo said, there is a heavy snow in Shenyang, the central 2 sets of video content had the Youku reported again to verify the network speed.

but many of our tour manager about network video spread, many people think that TV advertisements, scenic film moved directly to the network media Everything will be fine.. However, in the face of tens of thousands of information, the audience determines the reins of information, can not have enough appeal, the audience will be the hands of the mouse to kill.

good video their feet long, can not rely on the need to buy the media channels, by virtue of unstoppable charm to capture numerous users as a transit station spread, spread by way of virus spread. Of course, first of all to ensure that their travel video is a strong virus carriers". So, how to plan and marketing "Hainan Island international tourism network" video clips?

one, not only the official video

take the hotel, there are three different Hotel Comments on the proposed policy Video: a wealth of aesthetic and commercial atmosphere of the hotel’s official video, professional objective video and UGC. In general, customers want the video to answer the following three questions:

1, what’s around the hotel: what’s the environment, what are the buildings?

2, the hotel is what kind of like a home or a modern design, what are the comfort conditions, etc.

3, what are the different types of rooms: more than one hundred suites will be a common standard and what is the difference between the


two, collect original video


made it is difficult to achieve the best viewing satisfaction, then how can the tourist attractions obtain satisfactory video materials? On Countermeasures area through various forms of publicity, to honor or reward for the villagers around these data.

collection of video data can be placed on their website to play and download, at the same time, it is also a good tourist marketing content. Through the traditional distribution channels and network channels to spread the video content, the marketing effect is self-evident.

planning one hundred thousand why, if the content is wonderful and practical, TV stations (such as tourism section) will extract wonderful content from video website, people produce their own content, naturally people would like to see, in this way, it is easy to a wider range to build star scenic area and star enterprise.

three, video to creative

In 2006

, a network to spread the video so that people around the world: the night, a group of be struck dumb masked "graffiti" over the sharp barbed wire, the United States Air Force successfully into the heavily-guarded.

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