WeChat operations how to avoid illegal material

It’s very important for us to know about the WeChat

, but what we need to know now is that we are violating the rules. As we all know, now WeChat official for our material control is very strict. From the recent letter number, many of our number is now because the spread of rumors, and most of the numbers are blocked for a month.

for these rumors, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false, but our fans also like to see these things, and these can be more easily spread. We will go to the dissemination of these contents, because these elements can help us to spread our number out to increase many new fans, we can not only retain the operation of our old customers, we need to continue our network which add new fans.

so what do we usually have to pay attention to in order to avoid violations, and where do we come from?

first: original content

original, and now as long as we have their own original content, can be applied to the original. What are the benefits of this original


1 avoid theft

2 spread wide

after we applied for the original content, our content can be set to allow or not allow others to reprint.

but as for us, each of us is not so stupid, what we need is to expose our content, so that our content is allowed to reprint. Very few people will be allowed to reprint our content. I think there is a WeChat official now do better, that is when you copy someone else’s content push, so when the mass system will automatically detect whether we push the contents of the original, if the original content, then the system will automatically remind us that this you can choose whether to push. But because one relates to the original, so in our copy is displayed, and click on the original author can directly enter each other’s public number, then it is equivalent to help others in the promotion, the original is in vain to let others, US is an idiot version promotion for others.

The reason why

said officials have done better in this regard, because I said that if the system does not automatically prompt it, so if we don’t know is the original content, when push out no label source, then we will be reporting this is a direct copy, then it will cause we may face Title The risk of. If we can detect the content of the content is related to the rumors, so I believe that we will not face the risk of the basic title, even if there are reports, so malicious reports.

second: content watermark


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