The power of marketing Shopping Festival devour singles

older people, or a little advantage, such as textual research of some of the events are not long, it can be completed by memory.

in my memory, 90s day is not popular, really should be popular network popular since 2000, accompanied by a funny and funny forced the popular culture and the rapid spread of the country. So just pop singles ten years of things.

But because of the once popular

quickly become a trend, every year there are a lot of related Singles Day celebrations, people in the day to burn incense and beg off single, a company in the organization of intimate activities, it is awfully.

is such a rapidly created a new festival, originally expected to become a national carnival, and like Halloween and Christmas, Spring Festival, known as the immortal.

if it wasn’t for another holiday.


November 11, 2009, November 11, 2011 from this more memorable day and two years from a hundred years old is 90 years from Taobao in this special festival launched a network shopping mobilization, this is not good, even when a network promotion point funny force in nature, the first year of participation in the business and sales promotion efforts are limited, but enormous sales.

from then on, the double eleven held every year, the annual sales growth at unimaginable speed.

2015, the New York Stock Exchange on the evening of 11 at 10:30 for Tmall "double 11" held a special remote opening bell ceremony, this is the first time the NYSE is a Chinese Internet company held remote bell ceremony. British Daily Telegraph’s comments have been positioned as the world’s eleven online shopping Carnival: forget the little black Friday, the double is the world’s largest online shopping festival


is obvious feeling is that this year’s double eleven, pay attention to a single dog has become less and less, the thrill of shopping already rolled as a single dog suffering singles is increasingly marginalized double eleven.

itself originated in the double eleven singles, was a typical marketing occasion, with China and China is "brand parasitic". The so-called brand parasitic, probably means that you are a new brand, to be parasitic in the human cultural life of the matrix, in order to obtain rapid recognition.

The original

is parasitic on the double eleven singles.

but a double development beyond the expected all the people, it is after several years of accumulation will quickly become a new "culture" in the world of human social life, the culture is more powerful, already engulfed the day the mother.

do you want a brand now, by day as potential, to borrow a pair of eleven potential.

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