Rookie must see website promotion sixteen

1 soft Wen promotion

obviously, soft Wen promotion is not every webmaster can do, but should try. Actively contribute to some media, such as A5, Chinaz, etc.. In fact, write soft did not imagine so difficult, this does not have to write very elegant, but must have the value of sentence. After writing the article at the end of their own web site links, or the site as an example in the text. In this way, your site will be seen by more people. Write soft Wen can be said to be the master of the necessary skills.

2 forum to promote

network to promote a wide variety of methods, the promotion of the forum is regarded as the oldest, although now the forum to promote the effect than before, but still can be regarded as an effective way to promote the site. Some owners may not agree that the forum has been out of date. But if you will promote the use of the forum to the extreme, the same can bring a huge amount of traffic in a short time, for the site to increase the quality of the chain.

3 blog promotion

here to promote the blog is not usually referred to as the blog promotion methods. As we all know, Sina, and NetEase, to provide free PR blog sites are very high, so these blog search engines quickly, ranking is relatively good. We can register these blogs, then each blog and other blog link, which could improve the blog page of the PR value, so as to improve the content page ranking.

4 viral promotion pictures

this is a more alternative approach, such as the image of the site to the LOGO, the forum signature photo with the use of the website address of the beautiful picture. By the way this is the most widely used method to upload pictures to play LOGO. Some of the earliest use of these methods to get a very good promotion effect.

5 exchange links


no what to say, just to note is that the exchange Links use text links better, try to find PR high site exchange, but for the new exchange Links is difficult, it is always.

6 e-mail promotion method

is commonly referred to as the mailing list, the use of web member registration information in the e-mail website promotion. Common email: membership journals, press survey etc.. It should be noted that the e-mail message must be designed to promote fine, users will be interested to see. This method can be combined with other Internet marketing methods, but also can be applied independently.

7 ad exchange

to find some traffic almost, the content of the site to exchange complementary advertising, but also a good way to promote.

8.QQ group promotion

QQ group promotion is the old method, you can also add dozens, hundreds of QQ group, and then QQ group

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