How to write high quality soft Wen

may we all know what is soft, a lot of people have written soft Wen, but really write high quality soft text is very difficult.

first, how to assess whether an article is a high quality soft Wen, I think there are the following:

1 the contents of the article can be accepted by people, in other words that It stands to reason.

2 article can help a lot of people to solve the existing doubts, we read the article must be read to help their own articles, so that our time and effort to pay is worth.

3 writing tone of the article to have skills, if it is helpful to the tone of the article to be friendly, if it is a critical article, the tone should be serious.

4 can be reproduced by well-known sites, this is very important, the well-known site refers to not only the soft mass station, it is best to be Sina, Sohu and other large portal station reproduced, the quality is self-evident.

said so much may be relatively empty, I take my promotion BIWEB station system as example, BIWEB is an excellent business intelligent system, which contains a lot of new ideas, new technology, so I firstly from this point as a starting point, in my Baidu space "Web3.0" published in space technology a post called "PDO promotion, PHP is not the development", and this fact is also a problem faced by PHP, is a database interface we are now to use the old and abandoned PHP PDO, this is very detrimental to the development of industry, which is consistent with the first point, It stands to reason. Also in line with second points, and indeed help others. Because it is a critical article, so the content of tone is relatively serious, then I sent the article to the China station and station China were reproduced, not one day, IT168 and Sina technology were reproduced on the specific links, my side is not listed, you can search for the article in the Baidu Google, now there are many modified titles such as " PHP is the primary task of the development of pdo", the content of the word has not changed. Now BIWEB this product is really fire, I believe that in addition to its own quality can stand the test, I should be very effective in the promotion of its early action.

said so much, to share some experience took 5 years to write their own soft Wen with you, you are welcome to visit my blog Chinese inspirational inspirational network ( and self China PHP Technology (, I hope every webmaster can write a good website promotion soft, let off their web traffic the.

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