What kind of projects make you love and money

, along with the enhancement of people’s constitution of the improvement of medical standards and government policy implementation, many countries have already started the trend of aging society, the proportion of older people is more and more high let us see what opportunities? How to invest in an elderly care store?

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How to choose the poor industry


can be regarded as the poor, so in terms of capital is certainly no advantage, then the selection of projects and industry, must be careful, you can’t say no money, but also to invest in gold, even the costs are not. So how should the poor entrepreneurs choose the industry?

as much money, you choose your most familiar with, you are a pig to see airplanes big profits, just want to build the aircraft, of course not, a screw aircraft, you can’t do it, do you also difficult to sell. read more

Voices help deaf and ordinary people communicate

WeChat has changed the world of normal people, but for those who have hearing impaired, WeChat does not make sense. Don’t say or hear that WeChat’s charm is not, for this part of vulnerable groups, our mind is often their use of hearing aids to judge the world picture information, whether the development of science and technology can bring more convenience to them, communication really need so complicated? Geeks Park believe that science and technology can not only improve the quality of life, but also for the public will play an important role can not be ignored  . />

"voice" interface is more like input text, text display box occupies 2/3 of the screen, the first landing in the text box in the default display above text. In addition, after each landing will also show the same content, when the deaf people need to quickly inform each other, and then landing will be able to solve the problem of two input.

behind a simple detail due to the development of the use of spare time, their team is not much and the deaf experience, tried to contact the Xi’an school for the deaf, but the phone call, email is no echo. So they use the scene to reproduce the way to understand the deaf and ordinary people to communicate when the pain: a person with a loud song of the headphones and masks read more

How to avoid making mistakes at the beginning of the business

entrepreneurship is not a smooth road, rugged always with you around, there are many pitfalls. Richard (), founder of Virgin Group (Virgin); · (Richard  Branson) often share his entrepreneurial experience with the reader. The latest issue of "business mistakes" Q & A, which contains a lot of unique insights.

"mistakes" is the only way which must be passed of the entrepreneurial process, the most important thing is to learn from your mistakes, fall immediately after the climb up. In the process of starting a business, people always make mistakes, so entrepreneurs have to put all their willpower, motivation and determination.

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Huainan second youth entrepreneurship contest started

is now increasing the number of entrepreneurs around, especially the number of young entrepreneurs who, in order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of young entrepreneurs, all over the country are actively organized a number of entrepreneurial competition.

9 on the afternoon of 2 may, the Huainan youth entrepreneurship competition in the beginning of the opening ceremony of the second. Huang Aihua, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress attended and delivered a speech.

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What are the similarities of several entrepreneurial wave

said that at present we are standing at the forefront of the wave of the fourth venture, this trend will promote economic growth into the fast lane". What are some of the common points in the previous wave of entrepreneurship? Let us work together to analyze what are the characteristics of different periods of entrepreneurial wave.

1. entrepreneurial activity climax occurred in the period of major changes in macroeconomic policies

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College graduates three years worth of business 10 million

now want to start a lot of college students, however, we seem to be very confused, do not know how to take the first step. Many people are asking: students can do what? Students can do a lot, and many others are not found business opportunities, today we have to look at these two students can do what, in a business for second months, in January 600 thousand earned a graduate in three years; a

worth 10 million millionaire!

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Valentine’s day how to spend money to teach you how to make money

Tanabata Valentine’s day so close that small series have been able to smell it Tanabata, male compatriots and women have begun to think about how to spend this Valentine’s day, many businesses are blowing next to. But for the shy men, Valentine’s day how to save money is the most concerned about their current problems, Xiaobian teach you a few strokes.

1,   what a weak gift burst, it is better to send a large red

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Rural women’s self described persistent circle entrepreneurial dream process

dream is full, the reality is very skinny, rooted in the hearts of many people have a dream, some people will be full of dreams, while others are really the reality is very skinny. We cannot do without the entrepreneurial dream persistent two words from the persistent round entrepreneurial dream course in the rural female readme is not difficult to see the truth.

I lack
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The coast is now extinct sea snakes mating race is expected to

recently, two has been identified as the extinction of sea snakes appeared in the Australian coast, which scientists delight. And the two snakes mating, race is expected to continue.

ophio as growth in a snake in the sea, but are closely related and they are cobra, poisonous snakes. Most of the world’s sea snakes are gathered in northern Oceania to the south between the peninsula waters, namely west of the Persian Gulf east to Japan, South to Australia warm ocean distribution. The day before, scientists have discovered two species of sea snakes have been "extinct" in the Australian state of Western Australia, was found they were busy in mating. read more