My promotion experience

briefly sum up:

a, original text, around the keyword optimization, strongly recommended in title also added. The original here is not to say that their own writing is finished, and you have to search for other people have written similar, if you are advised, or change the topic of conversation.

two, in Baidu weight high, update fast place, issued around the keyword related content information and your site connection, let Baidu spider can from a variety of places to your station up. I used to have Baidu, Post Bar and major fanchon. read more

Wang Chuan nternet entrepreneurs need to be cautious good project identification methods a

Internet start-ups have been popular in recent years. on various building venture projects other people dazzled Liao chaotic, even I saw the phone card business to join, this is an obvious hoax. First, we must admit that many in this venture are a good project, but the lie is not in the minority, before joining the blow as if it were raining flowers, after joining it, some people will say, u88 is not afraid of people do say he failed project this website is useless? You don’t forget too much Chinese people, are cheat cheat. The story will sell memory products, almost 20 years now.. It’s still on sale. The price is not expensive. It’s 50 yuan. In fact, is a plastic toy, is purely deceptive, but now still selling, generation after generation of cheating, the previous generation did not cheat, and the next generation will continue to cheat, or China too much, liar market is also large. Get to the point, and then talk about the Internet business to join it, we have to see some useful principles and standards. I am here only to join the industry website to say, specifically, for example, catering sites, education and training sites to join. read more

My network of ten years related to youth

"romantic color" and the "youth of the day" there is nostalgia of the domestic drama, Lenovo to my network for ten years, it is only a dream.

my net name is "free thinking", male 81 years old. I also can be called a "veteran" webmaster, here to talk about a simple process:

1998 in the school DOS, UCDOS, DOS WPS, there was no Internet cafes, computer software product is really rare, especially the simplified version of the software is much less, everyone on the black screen beating the teacher’s command dir CD……. Later learned WIN95 system was shocked. Finally, see color. I didn’t know what the computer was for, and I thought it was a powerful TV set. Ha ha, I don’t know what the Internet is. For a lot of terminology unintelligible. read more

The same way has been in transition light tickets which line

three big leaders, Ctrip, where to go, the way cattle brought with the listing of the brand and the threat of funding, is expanding. In the future for a long period of time, the ecological system Chinese all online travel sites, hotels, travel agencies and other tickets on the role, had between three perpendicular and horizontal monopoly. After many transformations, the same process in the new round of financing support, to the outbound travel boss, the way cattle initiative to provoke the war. This time, perhaps it will be the same life and death turn". Turn around, live, continue to develop; turn away, it will be OTA (online travel agents) integration of the integration of the tide. read more

Talking about the user experience of the website online consultation function

, if not a few hours a day on the Internet, can not catch up with the increasingly explosive information age. Tens of thousands of websites are on the line, off and on. Countless network product development, flicker, and then huyou. Recently, I contacted the website of a private hospital to sort out the optimization and marketing projects, including the optimization and promotion of the website. I have a problem that people do not love to see, the enterprise website or personal website pop-up or floating window, although sometimes the effect is shocking, but still not conducive to my view, professional point of talking is not conducive to the user experience. read more

Rookie Adsense often committed ten mistakes

novice webmaster is so-called "newborn calf not tiger", often make some as ordinary webmaster should not commit obvious mistakes, walked a lot of predecessors detour, it is a pity. In particular, here will be the common ten major mistakes summarized as follows, with a view to later people can take less detours, more harvest.

1, content acquisition excess, lack of innovation.

, the most troublesome thing to do is to create content, which is deeply touched by people. Different times, and now the content management system (CMS) a wide variety of functions are also very powerful, novice webmaster spent 2, 3 days of installation and debugging, will be able to make a new station in the twinkling of an eye. Plus a collector spend a few days, tens of thousands of articles shoudaoqinlai. But, this collection of things, GG/BD can also be included in the problem, even if a large number of included, it is difficult to search people to your station. Just think, engage in content with the same person means what you row thousands on thousands of, in front of others? Therefore, a web site, original content is very important, even have to manually fix collection title, change the layout, this is Kung Fu or not, otherwise, the more content can only be brought garbage. There is not much value, K may. Do web site, such as engaging in tourist attractions, good content should tell others have time to see more, the bad content is to tell others, this is a pile of garbage, do not close to! read more

How do feel online

half a year ago, I knew nothing about the Internet, except for people playing QQ games, watching Sina news. The Internet is full value for me! But I do a traditional business – Sales DIY personalized T-shirt (called thumb impression)! Because I was a student, school students, open a shop business. But a dismissive post changed my view of the Internet, saying that it would change my life trajectory,


one evening stroll in the school forum market, saw a lot of school business publicity of its stores in the forum, I wonder why I don’t try to propagandize? So I in the school forum made a post publicity about the thumb impression left his telephone number QQ, no! Think of the 3, 4 days later, QQ has been with me to make a T-shirt (a few people before my QQ), and I found some not school students, but others in the field. So I feel strange, I did not in his place propaganda, how can find me, I asked him how to know me, he said: "is on the Internet search.". I asked him what he had searched. He said the DIY t-shirt. So I also Baidu DIY T-shirt, actually I ranked first, I am overjoyed, it was in the school BBS hair post, together effect. I felt the power of the Internet, so I decided that my business should not be confined to my own school. To be bigger and stronger, you must have your own website. read more

A brief analysis of the common points of heavy snow in the sky and doing the road of standing

yesterday heard the weather forecast, said Wuxi will be the 3 consecutive days of snow this morning, wait outside the city opened the curtains, snow white. Suddenly I on the way to work, do stand three years experience to things like the snow weather, there is a pattern.

first, wear more, in order to keep out the cold, and solid foundation to develop. The weather in winter is natural needless to say, we are all living in the northern hemisphere Chinese, mostly temperate monsoon climate and subtropical monsoon climate, so in winter, there is always a bit trembling. So every time we go out, will be bundled up, this is the basis for the body itself. The site is the same, just on the line before the site wants to show to the public users, will enrich the contents of the site to do, do to meet the tastes of the public, is really beneficial to themselves, is the foundation of the real. read more

Besides O2O Theory and practice of six dimension space

[editor’s note] the author of this article, @ Zhongguancun Lao Li, published an article in Lei Feng net before, "O2O on mobile phone" and "personalized business recommendation with mobile phone". Because there are still many readers are very concerned about the O2O market, so the author wrote this article as "O2O" on the mobile phone of the view the text, more thorough discussion on O2O using six dimensional theory.

one, socialization

I often think about a question. Why are so many good O2O applications and businesses successful abroad, but it’s difficult to survive in the country, read more

From Ma to do part time work to see the success of entrepreneurship accumulation of the key


Ma Yun, a lecturer in International Business English and in the electronic industry, in order to contribute to the family, go outside at night as a part-time teacher. Some are doing foreign trade business owners, these bosses are admired Ma Yun, regard Ma Yun as a friend, which accumulated a wide range of contacts on the entrepreneurial Ma Yun.

1995, Ma Yun founded China’s first Internet Co, China yellow pages, when people do not understand what the Internet is, Ma Yun’s Internet concept completely do not believe that he is a liar. Ma Yun in order to develop the company’s business, first of all began to call friends around, want them to do web site. A lot of friends on the site it is half believe and half doubt, but in order to give Ma face, I also will do a few, but the beginning is basically free to do, after all, good friends can not put money into the water to throw. There is a friend, the enterprise is the most to face, and at any rate also symbolic to 6000 yuan. This is the first income of Chinese Yellow pages. read more