Oddies’ raiders face jail

first_imgTwo “professional burglars” who repeatedly targeted bakery chain Oddies’ shops in East Lancashire could be facing jail terms.Burnley Magistrates heard how Paul Ludlam, 34, of Ardwick Street, Burnley, and Keith Kavanagh, 40, of Fleet Street, Nelson, were partners in crime at five separate raids at the 15-shop chain.Ludlam admitted eight burglaries and asked for 21 to be considered. Co-defendant Kavanagh pleaded guilty to four allegations.The pair were committed to Burnley Crown Court for sentencing on 1 June, after the bench said its powers of punishment were not sufficient.Oddies’ sales manager Ian Dempsey told British Baker that the pair had managed to break into five different shops by remo-ving slates and climbing through the roofs.They were eventually caught inside a shop after neighbours heard a disturbance.Dempsey commented: “They got a bit of money from the first shop, but we don’t really keep money in the shops. The problem now lies in repairing the damage they have caused.”last_img read more

Fruition Sets Tone For NYE Run With Funky Sit-Ins From Horns and More [Setlist]

first_imgFruition, the Portland-based jamgrass group that continues to make waves in the scene, kicked off their hometown New Years celebration last night. Kicking off the night were other Portland locals, Jans Ingber’s Funk Fellowship. Consisting of band leader Jans Ingber, Steve Swatkins and Micahel Elson on keys, Scott Pemberton on guitar, Tyrone Hendrix on drums, Kyle Molitor on trombone, and Farnell Newton on trumpet, Nafisaria Scroggins-Thomas on vocals, the group got the ballroom moving and grooving. Following their performance, Fruition continued with the vibe crafted by their special guests with a two-set show that saw frequent sit-ins from members of the Funk Fellowship.The first set busted out was particularly funky and saw sit-ins from wonder guitarist Scott Pemberton during “I Don’t Mind” and “Spliff.” Trumpeter extraordinaire Farnell Newton was welcomed out for the final four songs of the set as was trombonist Kyle Molitor for the final two. The horns were a welcome addition to Fruition and a hands-down crowd pleaser, especially on Cake’s “Never There”, as the brass added a dimension to the sound that is less frequently explored by bands with bluegrass roots, though seemingly always enjoyed by the musicians and onlookers alike. The second set saw Steve Swatkins come out for “Fire,” “Above the Line,” and “Labor of Love,” and Scott Pemberton back out for a Bonnie Raitt cover and a heavy-metal send off of “Death Comes Knocking.”You can check out the sit-ins and setlist for yourself below, courtesy of Josh Nicotra.Setlist: Fruition at the Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR, 12/29/16Set 1: PDX Bound, Blue Light, Wanter, I Can’t Stop, I Don’t Mind (SP), Spliff (SP), Fallin’, I Should Be (FN), Never There (FN), There She Was (FN/KM), Up Above the Clouds (FN/KM),Set 2: Lay Down, Random, JOOTN, Early Morn (SS), Fire (SS), Above The Line (SS), Labor of Love (SS), Beside You, Mountain Annie, Get In, Get Along, Santa, Bonnie Raitt (SP/All), Death Comes Knocking (SP),Encore: Always Coming BackNotes:SP=Scott PembertonFN=Farnell Newton on trumpetKM=Kyle Molitor on tromboneSS=Steve Swatkins on keyslast_img read more

Chinese Eat Dragon Bone for Health

first_imgChinese villagers dig up dinosaur bones for health food.  Yahoo News reported, “Villagers in central China dug up a ton of dinosaur bones and boiled them in soup or ground them into powder for traditional medicine, believing they were from flying dragons and had healing powers.”  The article says the bones are calcium rich and believed to be a treatment for dizziness and cramps.  A paste made from the material is applied to fractures and injuries.  The people of the village have been doing this for at least two decades.Update 07/13/2007: National Geographic reported on this on July 13.  It added a mythical twist to the modern-day culture:Dong’s dig has uncovered a curious mix of findings on dinosaurs and on ancient Chinese beliefs surrounding dragons.    Dragons appeared in Chinese mythology more than 3,000 years ago and are worshiped as guardians of waterways, mountains, or skies.    Xu Xing, arguably China’s top “dinosaur hunter,” said many villagers—and even some people in Chinese cities—still believe in dragons.  The Chinese characters for dinosaur even combine the words for “terror” and “dragon.”This was followed up by a paradoxical question: “When asked how 21st-century Chinese could retain a belief in mythological beasts, Xu countered: ‘How can so many Americans still disbelieve in evolution?’”  The article suggests that ancient Chinese myths about dragons may have come from digging up dinosaur bones.Maybe the villagers know something more than the paleontologists, who don’t seem to see any problem with calcium-rich bones 85 million years old.  Wouldn’t it all have been replaced by rock?  And how did the people connect the bones with their mythical dragons?  Bones do not easily suggest to a layman what a creature looked like; certainly nothing about its behavior could be inferred.  And how did this much bone get fossilized in one small area, when most large animals today do not fossilize?  Interesting questions, but not enough information was provided.(Visited 52 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Glenn Harsh, June 25

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest We are Y-DROPping our second pass of nitrogen on the corn and we are moving along in between rainstorms. Luckily a couple of farms up north didn’t get quite as much rain, but at the home farm we got 3.5 inches over 3 days and then we got another tenth after that. It depends where you are as to how wet it is.We have a moderately high clearance rig but in some spots this corn is 6.5 or 7 feet tall and it is definitely pushing us. I was able to get out yesterday and go through a couple of those fields pushing the height for our rig.We are still tissue sampling and that looks pretty good. There are no major deficiencies. In some fields hit by those big rains w are seeing a little N loss in those fields and sulfur sometimes goes with that.There are going to be some holes in some soybeans from this last set of rains. I am seeing that around the neighborhood too. It depends on which rain cell you got under. You have to really watch your fields.It is definitely getting on the late side to replant some of those areas, but if you can get 30 bushels to the acre instead of zero there is some value there. It really depends on those rains this week and whether you are able to get into those spots. If we go another week, the chances are better for 20 bushels instead of 30 and you have to think about those green spots you’ll have to combine around next fall. Next week is a tougher replanting decision.You can go around and see those fields that were maybe worked one time and find that density layer with a soil probe. On these no-till fields with cover crops you don’t find that layer and that definitely helps with water infiltration and with more organic matter it can hold more water too.Our corn looks pretty good and the weed control is good. With soybeans there are a lot of fields that still need that post-emergent pass. Because of the rain and some wind people haven’t been able to get back out in the fields. There are still a lot of fields with foxtail or some of the pigweed species. It is time to get back into some of those bean fields.last_img read more

Report: Facebook Game Addicts “Paid” to Oppose Health Care Reform

first_imgA Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos marshall kirkpatrick The Apocalypse must be fast approaching, that’s the only explanation that can help me wrap my mind around this. A health insurance lobbying group is reportedly paying Facebook users in virtual, “in-game” currency to send a letter opposing health-care reform legislation to their Congressional representative. This according to the blog Business Insider today, in a report that’s frustratingly short on details but remains plausible.From BusinessInsiderThe ContextTechCrunch did an in-depth investigative series on the sleaziness of the in-game advertising industry this Fall. Market leader Zynga, maker of the home-wrecking game that turns Facebook users into zombified farmers of imaginary crops (Farmville), was the primary target of that report. Advertisers pay users in virtual goods, like fertilizer for their imaginary crops, for signing up for offers to purchase real goods for real cash (with a credit card). Other offers include market research surveys and apparently political action. The games are psychologically addictive, there’s an art to making an effective one, and so payment with in-game currency is very compelling.Zynga claimed that it was cleaning up its advertising market and that such virtual-goods-for-action offers never made up a substantial portion of its revenue, anyway. None the less, it’s not hard to imagine this same industry being used for nefarious political purposes. Not hard at all.The AccusationBusiness Insider cites the CEO of casual gaming startup OMGPOP, who didn’t name the game the health-care offers appeared in but blamed ad serving startup Gambit. Gambit says there’s no evidence they served up the offer and says they prohibit advertising on “hot political topics.” The report is an unusual bit of original investigation by Business Insider, which is a blog that does best at finding and excerpting at length from other peoples’ reporting around the web. Got that? An aggregation-heavy blog quotes a Flash game CEO blaming a casual game ad network (who denies it) for serving up in-game currency offers from a health-insurance front lobbying group to millions of people who spend their time doing things like watering crops that don’t really exist on Facebook to instead send letters to politicians opposing government reform of the health care system. That long sentence went from vacuous to real serious, there at the very end.We’re talking to people in the casual gaming advertising field and they say that something like this is very possible, though no one else has seen these ads. This may be nothing but rumor and speculation right now, or it may really be happening, but it’s not an implausible scenario at all. Update: We just heard from another casual gaming ad network that says it was approached with this ad and another calling people to oppose immigration reform late this Summer but declined to run the ads.The ConsequencesThere’s something very sci-fi about this though, isn’t there? Apparently some people look at Facebook’s 350 million users and see an army of minions that can be paid in other-worldly, ephemeral “cash” to do a benefactor’s bidding. Combine this with Facebook’s radical redrawing of its social contract with users today, changing the default setting on status messages from being private to being exposed to everyone online, and Facebook looks a little more dangerous than it did before.Facebook hasn’t yet responded to our request for comment on this story.Update: A Facebook spokesperson has responded to say: “We have not seen the ad in question or received any user complaints about the issue. We can’t comment on ads we have not seen, but we will take action against those that exploit political agendas for commercial use or receive significant negative user sentiment. We have clear policies (http://www.facebook.com/ad_guidelines/) in place to protect all users from inappropriate advertising content. In addition to our own enforcement actions, it is the responsibility of both developers and ad networks to make sure the content running in third-party applications is appropriate.”center_img Tags:#Analysis#Facebook#news#web Related Posts Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro…last_img read more

a month agoWest Ham boss Pellegrini warns Man Utd: We’re in a good moment

first_imgWest Ham boss Pellegrini warns Man Utd: We’re in a good momentby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveWest Ham boss Manuel Pellegrini is full confidence facing Manchester United at London stadium.West Ham beat United 3-1 in the same fixture last season. Asked if the current Hammers team is even better, Pellegrini said: “Maybe, but that doesn’t mean we are going to beat Manchester United. We beat them 3-1 here and I hope we can get a win again. “Man Utd played last night but they changed nine players so it will be a different team. “We are in a good moment so, if we are playing against the big teams, we must show we can play in the same way.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Canopy Growth forms JV to convert Quebec tomato greenhouse to cannabis

first_imgMIRABEL, Que. – Canopy Growth Corp. has signed a joint-venture deal with Les Serres Stephane Bertrand Inc., a large-scale tomato greenhouse operator in Quebec.The joint venture will lease a greenhouse used for tomatoes and other vegetables from Bertrand that will be upgraded and retrofitted for cannabis production by April 2018.Canopy (TSX:WEED) says an application for this site has been submitted and subject to Health Canada and other regulatory approvals it expects being ready to begin production by May 2018.The greenhouse holds an Ecocert “organic” certification.Canopy has agreed to issue Bertrand $2.75 million in shares in four equal tranches, based on certain milestones. To fund the development of the joint venture, Canopy’s Canopy Rivers subsidiary will also contribute $15 million in cash and Canopy has agreed to buy all of the cannabis produced during an initial term.Canopy and its Canopy Rivers subsidiary will own a two-thirds stake in the joint venture, while Bertrand, which will operate the joint venture, will hold the remaining third.last_img read more

Tensions with China do not play out in our project at all

first_img“The current tensions between China and Canada do not play out in our project at all,” Calitz said in Ottawa after meeting with federal cabinet ministers and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “PetroChina is a proud participant.”In recent weeks, China has blocked Canadian canola-seed shipments _ which is widely seen as a response to Canada’s move in December to arrest senior Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver at the behest of the United States.Meng’s arrest, and her possible extradition to the U.S. to face criminal charges, has angered China.Canola is a key export for Canada and China has been a huge market for the product. China imported $2.7 billion worth of Canadian canola seed last year, which ensures any prolonged blockage will hurt farmers, the industry and the broader economy.(Trudeau has said his government will have “good news” to announce on canola in the coming days. Besides pursuing China for proof of the alleged contamination of Canadian canola, the government has promised to find ways to help affected producers in Canada.)Since Meng’s arrest, China has also detained two Canadian citizens on allegations of endangering Chinese national security and has sentenced two Canadians to death for drug-related convictions. “Every time it leads to trade ties that relaxes the relationship,” he said. “It creates a mutual dependency, it creates business understanding.”China, he added, plans to bring in Canadian gas to help it replace its coal power plants, improve air quality and lower greenhouse-gas emissions.Calitz added that the LNG Canada project, which has faced opposition from some Indigenous communities in B.C., is on track to start transporting gas in late 2023. OTTAWA, O.N. – The head of LNG Canada says Ottawa’s trade and diplomatic frictions with Beijing “do not play out” at all in the massive project that will one day ship liquefied natural gas from British Columbia to major Asian economies, including China.PetroChina, a state-controlled Chinese energy giant, owns a 15-per-cent stake in the $40-billion project, a Royal Dutch Shell-led joint venture that includes other Asian partners. The project includes an export facility in Kitimat, B.C.In an interview Tuesday, LNG Canada CEO Andy Calitz told The Canadian Press the deepening feud between Canada and China has never been raised at any of LNG Canada’s executive committee meetings.center_img The second death penalty was handed down Tuesday. The Canadian was among at least six foreigners allegedly involved in what has been described as an international methamphetamine operation.Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s foreign-affairs minister, told reporters in Ottawa that the government firmly opposes the use of the death penalty anywhere.“We think that this is a cruel and inhumane punishment which should not be used in any country,” Freeland said. “We are obviously particularly concerned when it is applied to Canadians.”On Canada’s natural-gas business with the Chinese, Calitz said he’s worked on different projects that have taken Australian and Russian gas to China. He suggested the work in B.C. could strengthen the Canada-China connection.last_img read more

Probe fake letter in my name: Joshi to EC

first_imgNew Delhi: Veteran BJP leader Murli Manohar Joshi has sought an inquiry by the Election Commission into a fake letter being circulated in his name on social media and critical of the party’s leadership and Lok Sabha poll prospects.The fake letter, addressed to another party veteran L K Advani, has been in circulation for last few days. Demanding an investigation by the poll panel, Joshi has written to Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora that he has not written any such letter. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details”My friends in media called me up and told me that since Sunday a letter addressed by me to L K Advani Ji has been circulated on social media. I have read the contents of it and I am attaching them with this letter. I have not sent any such letter to Advani Ji. Kindly, immediately look into the matter and find the source of the letter, through which it came to social media,” Joshi said. Both Joshi and Adavani, who are among the founders of the party, had won last Lok Sabha elections in 2014 from Kanpur and Gandhinagar, respectively, but they have not got the party tickets to fight polls this time. See P5last_img read more

The Dodgers Best Bats Heat Up At Just The Right Time

WORLD SERIES GM. 4 RAA -7.1+2.5 Sources: ESPN Stats & Information Group, Fangraphs PLAYERPOSREG. SEASON WOBABEFORE 7TH INN.7TH+ INN. Cody Bellinger1B.396-3.5+1.6 Justin Turner3B.411-1.2+0.0 Andre EthierRF.326+0.00.0 The Dodgers’ best bats showed up late in Game 4Weighted on-base average (wOBA) and batting runs above average (RAA) for Los Angeles hitters in 2017 regular season and World Series Enrique HernandezCF.320+0.4-0.5 Yasmani GrandalC.336-0.80.0 Austin BarnesC.396-1.6-0.5 Charlie CulbersonSS.237+1.30.0 Logan Forsythe2B.313-0.7+1.0 Chris TaylorLF.373+0.5-0.3 Joc PedersonLF.331+1.3+1.3 Total The Los Angeles Dodgers couldn’t buy a run, and their World Series chances were slipping away. After scoring six times off the Houston Astros but coming up short in a crazy, back-and-forth Game 2, they mustered three relatively low-leverage runs in Game 31None of those scores ever brought them any closer than within two runs of the Astros. and were shut out for the first six innings of Game 4. A loss here would have dropped LA’s World Series odds to around 20 percent, if history was any guide, and left this 104-win juggernaut staring at another postseason disappointment.But finally, after waiting most of the series for their bats to heat up, the Dodgers got what they were looking for late Saturday night. Cody Bellinger, who’d gone 0-for-13 in the World Series before the seventh inning of Game 4, delivered a double, then came around to score the tying run on a Logan Forsythe single. Two innings later, Corey Seager, who’d been hitless since Game 2, got on base with a single and scored on another Bellinger double, giving LA a lead it would never relinquish. (Joc Pederson’s three-run insurance homer four batters later also helped.) Suddenly, instead of falling into a 3-1 hole, the Dodgers knotted up the series at two games apiece and are back to being championship favorites again.Before Game 4’s assault on the Astros’ bullpen, the Dodgers as a team had produced 7.1 fewer runs than average in the series based on their weighted on-base average (wOBA),2Using the formula and constants provided at FanGraphs.com. including a collective 6.5 runs below average from the team’s four best hitters during the regular season by wOBA — Bellinger, Seager, Justin Turner and Austin Barnes. But all four batters played a role in LA’s late-innings scoring outburst, during which they collectively produced 1.6 runs above average (to go with 0.9 runs above average from their teammates): Corey SeagerSS.374-0.2+0.5 Yasiel PuigRF.360-1.2-0.5 Chase Utley2B.325-1.40.0 It’s impossible to say whether the Dodgers’ well-timed turnaround at the plate will kick-start their offense over the rest of the series. But they’d definitely been hitting below their talents up to that point — with a wOBA 94 points below their regular-season average — so it wouldn’t be surprising to see Bellinger and company’s late-game performance be part of a positive regression to the mean going forward.As for the Astros, Game 4 was an enormous missed opportunity. Starting pitcher Charlie Morton pitched extremely well — he had a Game Score of 76, tied for seventh-best ever among World Series starters in a game the team ultimately lost — and it was looking like he’d steal Houston a crucial second series win in a game not started by team co-aces Justin Verlander or Dallas Keuchel. Leading up to the World Series, Houston was 5-1 in playoff games started by Verlander/Keuchel but 2-3 in all other games, so getting a pair of wins from Morton and Game 3 starter Lance McCullers would have been a major coup for the Astros at this point in the series.Instead, Houston is left wondering how a bullpen that had outpitched Los Angeles’s early in the series managed to blow such a winnable home contest. According to ESPN’s Stats & Information Group, Astros closer Ken Giles has now allowed as many earned runs (10) in 7⅔ postseason innings as he did in 50⅔ innings during his last 50 appearances of the regular season, and the Houston bullpen as a whole now has a 5.21 ERA during the playoffs — nearly two runs worse than their starters per nine innings.The Astros aren’t doomed, of course. The series is basically a toss-up now, a de facto best-of-three affair that will see them face the Dodgers’ best pitcher (Clayton Kershaw) at home and also be able to use their own top starter (Verlander) to neutralize LA’s home-field advantage in Game 6. But in a flash, the Dodgers’ cold bats warmed up and saved their season, turning what would have been a commanding Houston lead into a series either team can now win.CORRECTION (Oct. 29, 2017, 11 a.m.): A previous version of this article mischaracterized the regular-season stats of Ken Giles. His 10 regular-season earned runs allowed came in his last 50 appearances of the season, not the entire season.CORRECTION (Oct. 29, 2017, 3:30 p.m.): A previous version of this article said Los Angeles scored seven times in Game 2. The Dodgers scored six times. read more