13 txtr Beagle ereader will cost 69 in the US

first_imgWhen it comes to value for money, nothing can really beat the Kindle as an e-reading device at the moment. At $69 it offers a great screen, storage for over a 1,000 books, and a battery life of about a month. But everyone can be tempted by a bargain, and that’s what the txtr Beagle priced at $13 promised to be.There were a few caveats and compromises to make to pick one up at that price, though. The Beagle doesn’t have any way to load books on to its very limited storage other than through a Bluetooth connection. It also has no rechargeable battery and relies on two AAA batteries for power. It only has a 5-inch 800 x 600 display, and can only hold 5 books at a time. If you want to purchase or transfer books, you need to use your smartphone.Still, $13 is a bargain, right? Well, there’s some bad news. That price point is only being offered across Europe, and only as part of a phone subsidy package. The Beagle will be available to buy in the US, but txtr thinks you’ll be happy to pay $69.99.The only people who would pay $69 for the Beagle are those who’d never encountered a Kindle, or any other e-reader for that matter. For the same price, the Kindle is clearly a much better deal, and you’d be crazy to choose the Beagle instead in my opinion. I’d also question paying the $13 price in Europe due to just how limited this device is.Here’s an unboxing video showing you what it’s like:last_img read more