Xbox One with free copy of FIFA 14 is only for preorders

first_imgMicrosoft has confirmed the Xbox One free game rumor that was making the rounds yesterday, but also clarified that it’s much more limited than we first thought.The rumor yesterday claimed that Microsoft was set to offer a copy of FIFA 14 for free with every Xbox One console sold in Europe. I also speculated that Microsoft couldn’t just limit such an offer to Europe as it would anger gamers in other regions of the world.The actual offer is much more limited than that. A free download copy of FIFA 14 will be offered with the Xbox One, but only if you pre-order the console. And even then you aren’t guaranteed a copy of the game as it will only be offered as long as stocks last. As this is a download copy of the game it doesn’t make much sense to state “while stocks last” as there is no real limit. Maybe the limit is the number of Xbox One console boxes they have printed with the FIFA 14 box art on?Major Nelson has also confirmed that this is an offer limited to the European market and there’s no sign US gamers will be getting a similar deal. That’s a shame, as I’m sure such an offer would have gone down well if it included a game like Need for Speed: Rivals instead of FIFA 14.Although a free game is a nice offer, I doubt it will stop the complaints about the price difference with the PS4, and not everyone likes football games. It has also been pointed out a few times since this rumor appeared that you can purchase a PS4 with FIFA 14 and still have cash left over compared to purchasing an Xbox One.last_img read more