Moose Knuckles: Cool Jackets for Cold Weather

first_img It’s Time to Ditch Your Sleeping Bag for a Versatile, Lightweight Camping Quilt Jackets: the bane of winter fashion. Often the warmer and more functional they are, the less stylish. It’s perhaps unsurprising that Moose Knuckles, a Canadian company, clearly no stranger to winter, has found a way to battle the biting cold and wet of winter while looking damn good. The irreverent company, which started in 2007, sought to make durable, stylish, luxurious outdoor clothing and man did they succeed. Check out some our favorites below.Falcon BomberHonestly, it’s worth buying this coat for the name alone. Be prepared to be carried around on shoulders and receive free rounds at the bar from all the people in ugly, lumpy coats. While none of that is guaranteed, warmth and stylish luxury are. The Falcon Bomber, available in either black or navy, is made of a nylon, waterproof shell protecting a layer of duck down–one of the warmest materials in nature. The design features quilting, keeping the coat close fitting without all the puffiness of some down jackets.Fairfield HoodieMaybe you live in an area that’s particularly cold and you want some head/ear protection but the hipster beanie isn’t your style. Search no further, cold man! You need the Moose Knuckles Fairfield Hoodie, which is very similar in design to the Falcon Bomber, but it has a hood. And comes in way more colors: black, gray, navy, red, and camo. It’s definitely a bit more casual than the Falcon Bomber, but it’s the most sophisticated hoodie you’ll ever own. The tips of your ears will thank you.Forman JacketApparently we’ve got an unintentional “F” theme going on with these jackets, but it can’t be helped– we didn’t name them. The Forman Jacket, available in black or navy, is a duck down, quilted, water repellent jacket that will seamlessly make the transition from dinner to camping or whipping down a serpentine road on a vintage Triumph. This coat makes winter worth it.Each jacket sells for $475, which is a bit of a steal considering they’re down jackets. But these jackets are also handmade, taking an average of 90 craftsmen to complete each one. Thank you, Canada! The Best Men’s Quilted Jackets Stitched for Every Occasion How to Transition Your Wardrobe to Fall Shark House’s Dramatic Angles Have Serious Bite Editors’ Recommendations Everlane Wants You to Have a Daily Uniform to Make Dressing Easierlast_img read more

Western Sahara UN envoy wraps up regional visit

This was Christopher Ross’ second trip to the area since he was appointed to the position this January.Yesterday, he met with the Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Ángel Moratinos in the country’s capital, Madrid, on the last leg of a trip which also took him to Algiers and Tindouf in Algeria; Nouakchott, Mauritania; and Rabat, Morocco.Morocco has presented a plan to give autonomy to Western Sahara, while the Frente Polisario’s position is that the Territory’s final status should be decided in a referendum that includes independence as an option.Several rounds of UN-led talks held last year resulted in the parties agreeing to continue negotiations in good faith towards a solution to the issue.The envoy said he was “optimistic about an upcoming informal meeting intended to pave the way for a fifth round of negotiations,” UN spokesperson Michele Montas told reporters in New York today.Such a meeting would “make an important contribution to the search for a resolution to the conflict, which has gone on too long and is hindering the work which needs to be done on regional integration,” she added.The UN mission, known as MINURSO, tasked with organizing a referendum on self-determination in Western Sahara and monitoring the ceasefire between Morocco and the Frente Polisario, has been in place since September 1991. 1 July 2009The Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy who is trying to help broker a political solution regarding the status of Western Sahara has wrapped up a visit to the region which took him to Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and Spain. read more