Lucozade stays Alert to stimulus

first_imgSports and energy drink brand Lucozade has repackaged its latest offering, Lucozade Alert, into cans to bring it more in line with consumers’ perceptions of mental stimulation drinks.The move to a 250ml slim can is designed to show how it differs from the rest of the Lucozade range. Lucozade Alert is the first dedicated mental stimulation drink from the makers of Lucozade and is designed to provide mental as opposed to physical stimulation. It contains caffeine to sharpen mental performance and stimulate the mind. The Lucozade Alert 250ml cans are available in cases of 12.The company is also offering a promotion on its Lucozade Energy brand, which will give consumers the chance to win £1,000 every day for three months. The on-pack promotion will be supported by an £8m media campaign. www.gsk.comlast_img read more

Deadline approaching for Governor’s Century and Half Century Business Awards

first_img Facebook Twitter Previous articleCulver’s opening new location in GrangerNext articleHolcomb: All Hoosiers 16+ eligible for vaccine on March 31; eases restrictions Brooklyne Beatty Google+ By Brooklyne Beatty – March 24, 2021 0 237 TAGSapplicationdeadlineGovernor’s Century Business AwardGovernor’s Half Century Business AwardIndiana Pinterest WhatsApp Pinterestcenter_img Facebook Deadline approaching for Governor’s Century and Half Century Business Awards Twitter Google+ IndianaLocalNews WhatsApp (Photo supplied/Holcomb for Governor) There’s one week left to submit a nomination for the Governor’s Century and Half Century Business Awards.The awards honor Hoosier businesses that have remained in operation for at least 50 or 100 years and have demonstrated a commitment to serving the community.Applications are due by March 31, 2021 and must meet the following criteria:The business must have had continuous operations in Indiana for more than 50 or 100 years by Dec. 31, 2020.The business must have participated in the same line of work for the duration of its operations. If different, an explanation of the evolution into the current business must be provided on the nomination form.The business must have had its base in the state of Indiana since it was founded.The business must recognize, acknowledge and agree that it is in full compliance with the Indiana Secretary of State, Department of Revenue and the Department of Workforce Development by signing the application.The business must not have previously received a Century or Half Century award from the state of Indiana. Previous Half Century award recipients may qualify for a Century award.Applications can be filled out online by clicking here. For more details, click here.last_img read more

North-west bakery to air first TV ad in marketing drive

first_imgSheldon’s Wholesale Bakers is to launch its first TV advertisement next month on ITV, after rebranding to boost sales.The bakery, formally known as GH Sheldon, has created the advert to be aired in the north west as part of its new marketing campaign.The new campaign and rebrand is part of the company’s efforts to raise the brand’s profile and drive consumer awareness about the bakery.The advert features a man who goes to the fridge to find something to fill his Sheldon’s Lancashire Oven Bottom Muffin. After listing a range of fillings that are not in the empty fridge, he eats it plain and toasted, and realises it is just as satisfying. Alongside the TV advert, the brand has launched a new-look website, and plans to up its involvement on social media.The bakery set its sights on a 27% sales increase over the course of this year, after relaunching the brand.Director Lee Sheldon said: “After great feedback and growing brand identity we want to nurture and grow Sheldon’s to new heights. In order for our much-loved brand to grow, we have upped our marketing activity.“A new website and social media platform plus numerous amounts of community involvement have been added. We are really excited to share that our first-ever advert will be aired on ITV. There are not many of us regional suppliers on the big screens and everyone at Sheldon’s is proud of the direction the business is going.”The advert will first be aired on 1April on ITV in the north west, between 7:25pm and 7:30pm.When the rebrand was announced, spokesperson said there were some “big growth plans” in place for the bakery.Sheldon’s supplies a range of products to the big-4 supermarkets across the north west, as well as The Co-operative stores.The bakery was set up in 1949 and is managed and run by second-generation baker Graham Sheldon.last_img read more

Fruition Sets Tone For NYE Run With Funky Sit-Ins From Horns and More [Setlist]

first_imgFruition, the Portland-based jamgrass group that continues to make waves in the scene, kicked off their hometown New Years celebration last night. Kicking off the night were other Portland locals, Jans Ingber’s Funk Fellowship. Consisting of band leader Jans Ingber, Steve Swatkins and Micahel Elson on keys, Scott Pemberton on guitar, Tyrone Hendrix on drums, Kyle Molitor on trombone, and Farnell Newton on trumpet, Nafisaria Scroggins-Thomas on vocals, the group got the ballroom moving and grooving. Following their performance, Fruition continued with the vibe crafted by their special guests with a two-set show that saw frequent sit-ins from members of the Funk Fellowship.The first set busted out was particularly funky and saw sit-ins from wonder guitarist Scott Pemberton during “I Don’t Mind” and “Spliff.” Trumpeter extraordinaire Farnell Newton was welcomed out for the final four songs of the set as was trombonist Kyle Molitor for the final two. The horns were a welcome addition to Fruition and a hands-down crowd pleaser, especially on Cake’s “Never There”, as the brass added a dimension to the sound that is less frequently explored by bands with bluegrass roots, though seemingly always enjoyed by the musicians and onlookers alike. The second set saw Steve Swatkins come out for “Fire,” “Above the Line,” and “Labor of Love,” and Scott Pemberton back out for a Bonnie Raitt cover and a heavy-metal send off of “Death Comes Knocking.”You can check out the sit-ins and setlist for yourself below, courtesy of Josh Nicotra.Setlist: Fruition at the Wonder Ballroom, Portland, OR, 12/29/16Set 1: PDX Bound, Blue Light, Wanter, I Can’t Stop, I Don’t Mind (SP), Spliff (SP), Fallin’, I Should Be (FN), Never There (FN), There She Was (FN/KM), Up Above the Clouds (FN/KM),Set 2: Lay Down, Random, JOOTN, Early Morn (SS), Fire (SS), Above The Line (SS), Labor of Love (SS), Beside You, Mountain Annie, Get In, Get Along, Santa, Bonnie Raitt (SP/All), Death Comes Knocking (SP),Encore: Always Coming BackNotes:SP=Scott PembertonFN=Farnell Newton on trumpetKM=Kyle Molitor on tromboneSS=Steve Swatkins on keyslast_img read more

Revolution in the Elbow, Starring Cady Huffman & Kate Shindle, to Close Off-Broadway

first_img Directed by Bergur Þór Ingólfsson and based on a story by Ívar and Gunnlaugur Jónsson, Revolution in the Elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painter answers the hypothetical question, “Have you ever wondered what’s going on inside your elbow?” The emotionally charged rock love story explores a love triangle set in Elbowville, a small community within Ragnar Agnarsson’s body. Elbowville mayor Manuela (Huffman) must deal with a crisis when a “prosperity machine” compromises the peace of the sweet little community. The world premiere of Revolution in the Elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painter, the only play in our memory that takes place inside the human body, is closing off-Broadway. The new musical, which features a book, music and lyrics by Ívar Páll Jónsson and stars Tony winner Cady Huffman and Kate Shindle, will shutter at the Minetta Lane Theatre on September 20. It opened on August 13. Show Closed This production ended its run on Sept. 20, 2014 In addition to Huffman and Shindle, Revolution in the Elbow features Rick Faugno, Michael Biren, Patrick Boll, Zach Cossman, Karli Dinardo, Danielle Kelsey, Graydon Long, Brad Nacht, Marrick Smith and Jesse Wildman. Related Shows View Comments Revolution in the Elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson Furniture Painterlast_img read more

Sharing Science.

first_img Photo:Brad Haire Agricultural scientist from Korea learn about Georgia irrigation practices from Kerry Harrison, UGA CAES irrigation engineer. Potatoes and sweet potatoes are hardy crops. They grow underground,produce high yields and are less vulnerable to sudden changesin weather, Kays said.Kays has given tissue samples of a new UGA sweet potato to Chinaand North Korea. The potato is easy to grow like a sweet potato,but doesn’t have the sweet taste. Scientists there can cross thisbreeding line with established local varieties and have the bestof both worlds: a versatile, easy-to-grow crop, he says.”We especially enjoy the production of potatoes and sweetpotatoes,” Kim said. “The Koreans should carry out whatwe call the Potato Revolution.”Mutual Benefit Photo:Brad Haire Kim Sam Ryong, deputy president of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences in DPRK, inspects a recently irrigated corn field on the UGA CAES Tifton Experiment Station. The North Korean group wants to develop hardy, nutritional foodvarieties. UGA potato research was a high priority.”They have an area where the sweet potato grows very well,”said Stan Kays, a CAES horticulturist. “They’re interestedin it as a viable field crop. President Kim Jong Il wants themto increase potato and sweet potato production.” Five representatives of the Democratic People’s Republic of KoreaAcademy of Agricultural Sciences spent two weeks learning aboutagricultural research from University of Georgia specialists inAthens, Griffin and Tifton.”This is an historic event,” said Ed Kanemasu, coordinatorof international programs for the UGA College of Agriculturaland Environmental Sciences. “This is the first time the Academy… has sent representatives to the United States. Agricultureis a common ground. Everybody has to eat.”Exchanging Ideas The North Korean delegation, through this and future visits, hopesto exchange advanced food-producing technologies and benefit theircountry, which has endured six years of famine due to naturaldisasters. Last October, Kays and Kanemasu were part of a UGA delegationlead by CAES Dean and Director Gale Buchanan. The U.S. delegationwas invited and hosted by the DPRK AAS.”The conclusion of the discussions,” Kanemasu said,”was that if we work together, we can get much benefit forpeople of both countries.””They were our host when we were there,” he said, “andwe are hosting them here with the idea of trying to enhance theiragricultural technology and also see an exchange of agriculturalideas to us.”With plans for future visits back to Georgia, the group returnedto North Korea May 18. The North Koreans have food shortages, and the United States hasthe technology to help in the country’s effort to feed its people.In return, they have germ plasm that could benefit the UnitedStates, Kanemasu said.The delegation arrived May 7. Asking questions and taking notes,they were shown poultry, horticultural, row crop, irrigation,genetic and other research by CAES scientists.Kim Sam Ryong, DPRK AAS deputy president, said through an interpreterthat North Korea hopes to continue relations between the two institutions.”The University of Georgia is one of the biggest state universitiesin the United States, and it is very good in bioengineering andpoultry,” Kim said. “Georgia has a lot of achievementin broiler production. Also, you’ve got pecan trees, which couldbe similar (to producing) hazelnuts in Korea.”Hardy Sciencelast_img read more

Lettuce Plant.

first_img Gardeners can grow almost any kind of lettuce in Georgia. Photo: Wayne McLaurin Is it mesclun or lettuce?Actually, they’re the same. Mesclun is just baby lettuce, but it can also include baby greens of any type, including mustard, turnips, kale, arugula and a host of others.Mesclun has become a hot item in gardening and is expensive in the grocery store. But it’s nothing more that a mixture of greens — any mix you want. The story goes that someone dropped seed, then swept them up and planted them, and mesclun was born.The lettuce family is probably one of the easiest vegetables to grow.Almost Any LettuceIn Georgia, we can grow almost all of the lettuces. The one exception is the regular iceberg type. However, the iceberg is not the best lettuce when compared to the bibbs, leaf types and Romaine.The main thing about lettuce growing is to remember that you cannot “plant” the seed. For outside planting, just place the seed on the top of the soil and barely cover it with a fine artificial soil mix.When seeding indoors, use a plastic cup or similar container with holes in the bottom. Fill with a good soil mix, add seed and just water the top. In a fine mix, this will place the seed at the right depth.When lettuce plants have 4 to 5 true leaves, they can be set out in the garden. When setting out fall crops, it is best to do so in the evening, so the plants can have a little coolness of the night to acclimatize before the heat of the following day.Grows in SemishadeLettuce is one of the few vegetables that will grow in semishade. It’s best to give it 3 to 4 hours of sun, but lettuce will tolerate the shade. Fertilize moderately with one side-dressing.Space plants according to the cultivar, but no more than 8 to 9 inches between plants. If you’re pushed for garden space, lettuce can grow between broccoli or other types of plants.The growing season for lettuce varies with the cultivar. Most will be ready to harvest within about 40 days. The best thing about lettuce is that you can plant every 10 days and have a fresh harvest until frost.If you’re growing mesclun, plant every five days. Given protection during cold snaps, lettuce can be grown well into early winter.last_img read more

Ørsted to invest $30 billion in wind power, green development through 2025

first_imgØrsted to invest $30 billion in wind power, green development through 2025 FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享CNBC:Danish energy firm Ørsted has unveiled an “extensive investment program” that will see it invest around 200 billion Danish krone ($30.26 billion) in green energy between 2019 and 2025.Breaking the figures down, Ørsted said that investments in offshore wind farms were expected to make up 75 to 85 percent of the program, with onshore investments accounting for 15 to 20 percent. Bioenergy and customer solutions were expected to represent 0 to 5 percent of the spending.“Today, our portfolio consists of 11.9 GW (gigawatts) of offshore and onshore wind farms and biomass-fired combined heat and power plants that are either in production, under construction or have been given final investment decision,” Henrik Poulsen, Orsted’s CEO and president, said in a statement Wednesday.“Towards 2030, it’s our strategic ambition to reach an installed capacity of more than 30GW, provided that the build-out creates value for our shareholders,” Poulsen added. “As an important step, we’re raising our 2025 ambition for offshore wind from 11-12 GW to 15 GW.”Ørsted is a world leader in offshore wind. In September, the business officially opened the Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm, the world’s largest operational offshore wind facility. Located in the Irish Sea, it has a total capacity of 659 megawatts and is capable of powering nearly 600,000 homes in the U.K. Ørsted owns 50 percent of the project, with Danish pension funds PFA and PKA owning 25 percent each.Europe as a whole is a major player in the offshore wind sector. It is home to more than 4,000 offshore wind turbines across 11 countries, according to trade body WindEurope. Thirteen new offshore wind farms were completed in 2017, including the world’s first floating offshore wind farm, Hywind Scotland, located 25 kilometers off the coast of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire.More: Ørsted outlines plans for $30 billion investment in green energylast_img read more

Atlas Renewables proposes 854MW solar project in northern Chile

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享BNamericas:Atlas Renewable has filed plans to build a US$450mn solar park in northern Chile with environmental watchdog SEA.The 854MW Alfa Solar photovoltaic plant will be located in the Antofagasta region. The project involves building a new substation, also called Alfa Solar, and a 220kV transmission line connecting it to the existing Crucero substation.The move highlights the future potential of Chile’s renewable push as part of the country’s plans to reach carbon-neutrality by 2050 and retire all its coal-fired power plants, the backbone of its power grid, before 2040.As BNamericas reported previously, February saw submissions for large projects involving some US$2.54bn in new investments, including Colbún’s US$700mn Horizonte project, which would become Chile’s largest wind farm.Last year, as the government announced an ambitious plan to retire several coal-fired plants over the next five years, Chile reached its 2025 goal of covering 20% of its energy needs with renewable generation. Most of its pipeline is now comprised of wind and solar projects, with run-of-the-river projects, CSP generators and biomass-powered units also contributing new capacity.More: Atlas Renewable plans new US$450mn solar park in Chile Atlas Renewables proposes 854MW solar project in northern Chilelast_img read more

TWL host annual silent auction

first_img TWL host annual silent auctionTallahassee Women Lawyers hosted its second annual silent auction recently at the historic Brokaw-McDougall House in Tallahassee.An equal number of art works, books, vacation stays, and other items were offered for bid or sale. A few of the items that sold included: books by local authors and attorneys Judge Terry Lewis, Mark Mustian, Sid Matthews, and Chuck Ehrhardt; framed art prints by Judge Marguerite Davis, former Tallahassee Mayor Dot Inman Crews, two Canadian artists, and numerous artists from across the state; jewelry by Judy Ehrhardt and Judge Marguerite Davis; a week long vacation at a Smokey Mountain home, and an overnight stay and breakfast at the Wakulla Springs Lodge.Two FSU College of Music majors, Andrea Stone and Vivian Jauma, entertained the crowd with piano and violin duets and solos.After all the auction and direct sales were tallied, nearly $4,000 was raised to benefit TWL’s scholarship fund for Florida State University College of Law students, and two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded again this fall. TWL host annual silent auction July 1, 2002 Regular Newslast_img read more