Hundreds of billions of funds by the new board Ten institutions set up by the king to buy buy buy

participate in the new board set by institutional investors, investment companies, securities companies, public accounts and other 20 categories, among them, given the increasing participation is the largest number of securities companies, a total of 1918 times, investment amount of 8 billion 325 million; followed by the investment company, were involved in the 1830 given by the investment amount of 37 billion 642 million yuan.

agency is the new three board set by the main market. Over the past year, they brought hundreds of billions of funds. read more

17 year old girl Wang Kaixin entrepreneurial story to do the largest youth electricity supplier plat

(magic department store founder and CEO Wang Kaixin)

DoNews December 21st news (reporter Zhou Qinyan) 17 year old Wang Kai Xin, produced for the first time the idea of entrepreneurship is hear their female students, after complaining about not buy the right clothes online. "I want to buy the kind of personality, Meng Meng cartoon characters wearing clothes, but in the Taobao search on the Jingdong, too much trouble, we can buy things faster and better where?"

Wang Kai was 16 years old, was reading high school. And students, she also like online shopping. Every day after class time, they will spend a lot of time on the electronic business platform Amoy treasure. But it’s too hard to find what you like, and sometimes it takes hours to get a personalized, two dimensional style. read more